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MARCUCCI S.p.A. is authorized sole ICOM distributor for Italy since 1968. Importer of the most important brands in the world for RTX, T. & M. equipment, electronic components, home safety and environment equipment.
Japanese company founded in Osaka in 1964 from Tokuzo Inoue. Leader in the world for professional PMR, marine, avio, ham radio, LPD and so on transceivers.
Innovative design and high technologies to offer high quality, reliability, safety to radio communications.

An historical registered trade from Marcucci S.p.A., that marks products like RTX and electronic of high quality, imported and distributed in exclusive from Marcucci S.p.a.
A registered and exclusive trade from Marcucci S.p.A., that marks products like accessories for RTX of high quality, imported and distributed in exclusive from Marcucci S.p.a.

Comet, company leader in antennas for communication and accessories production, is well known all over the world for quality and varieties of its products.
Together with Marcucci, that is operating on radiocommunication since over 80 years, to offer the radioham, high performances products, available in a wide choice.
In 1961, Lutron introduced the world's first solid state dimmer. From that point forward, Lutron innovations transformed the world of lighting controls.
Today, with more than 60 utility and 30 design patents and over 5000 products, Lutron continues to lead the way in dimming innovation and quality. Products range from simple wall controls that dim room lights (like the rotary control you probably have on your dining room wall) to complex systems that can control an entire home or building. Lutron stocks, services, and supports its lighting controls worldwide. Around the globe, our customers recognize and rely upon Lutron quality and customer support to meet their lighting control needs.

From tradition to the progressive design, to the continuous test with a production cycle ALWAYS UNDER CONTROL.
From forty years the Ambrogi family, the company's owners, leads the business. Several years of work allowed to accumulate experience, to be able to choose to work the best materials with various productive methodologies to increase results in installer's work and for your customer's safety.

The ACECO is a company of Taiwan, leader in the field of the frequency. The complete range of handheld frequency counters highlights the force of the R&D division of this society.


Nowadays, we cannot imagine mobile radio being non-existent. The efficiency of whole lines of business has become dependent on radio communication. In our information society radio communication serves as the most important driving force for industry. In the life-saving service, police and fire service, mountain and sea rescue the efforts will be co-ordinated by radio. Many human lives can depend on the reliability of radio communications. PROCOM is conscious of this responsibility. The high quality requirements of our company have been internationally recognised for years. Quality - Reliability - Problem-solving We feel sure that you have already been acquainted with PROCOM products. PROCOM is a main and leading supplier in the areas PMR, cellular, satellite communication and GPS navigation. Network operators have confidence in the high technology of the PROCOM filter laboratory. PROCOM are able to work out a solution for almost all requirements, from receiver multicouplers to customer-specified combining networks for coupling of multi channel transmitting systems.
American company, founded in 1931, specialized in the making and distribution of metal detectors for terrestrial, marine or professional use, like cables and pipings survey.

Inepro Industries Limited is a member of the Inepro Group, one of the world's leading manufacturer of top-quality electricity meters and current transformers. Based in Leimuiden of the Netherlands, Inepro Group is acclaimed for its expertise in developing innovative design and producing products of high standards.
In 2005, the Inepro Group implemented its plan of expansion and founded Inepro Industries Limited in Hong Kong, where a regional sales office is formed to specialize on the sales enquiries and business of a brand new product line of water and electricity meters with prepaid chip cards.
The Inepro Group has gained reputation and great acclamations for its good service and high standard of products all over the world. With the same excellence, Inepro Industries Limited targets to provide its clients with not just what they mostly need but solutions to their problems. As an energetic and innovative company, Inepro Industries Limited has wide experience in product design and end-to-end product development. Besides strong industrial background, good experience in distribution and logistics management also facilitate the Group to meet its global clients' requirements and match its pace for growth.

Standard Electric Works Co., Ltd. (SEW),established in 1973, manufactures and sells test and measurement instruments worldwide. Our product line includes earth resistance testers, high voltage (H.V.) insulation testers, ELCB testers, loop Impedance/PSCC testers, clamp meters, phase sequence indicators, cable tracers, H.V. detectors, H.V. probe meters. sound level meters, light meters, multitesters, panel meters and test leads:We pride ourselves in offering our customers quality products and superior service.
SEW has a proven track record of developing products which have passed industry standard certifications such as the ISO 9001:2000 Quality Assurance certification and CE.UL Certification. SEW continues to invest in research and
development to introduce new product lines and features to meet current market demand. SEW can also develop customized products to meet your specific
Panasonic Corporation Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of electronics in the world. Manufactures and markets a wide range of products under the Panasonic brand to enhance the lifestyle of consumers.
Has an experience of over 80 years in the production of batteries (from 1931) and ongoing research in the development of new product technologies. Panasonic Energy Europe is a company dedicated 100% to the batteries with a unified production in two European sites that allow flexibility and short delivery times and are in line with European standards of quality and environmental friendliness.
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